Step in my office 150x150 Cinema 4D Scene & Light Kit WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR: Quickly setup your own Cinema 4D scene using our soft boxes, rooms, lights, etc. or use one of our pre-made scenes and add your own objects or text for quick, high quality lighting, reflections, and shadows.

EASY TO USE & INSTALL: CINEMA 4D SCENE & LIGHT KIT V2 is meant to be installed into your Cinema 4D library browser, from there depending on what you want to use, you can double click to rooms, studios, etc or drag and drop them into your scene.

RIGHTS OF USAGE: CINEMA 4D SCENE & LIGHT KIT V2 is available for your use, commercial or personal.

No Gravity Preview 150x150 Cinema 4D Scene & Light Kit PACK INCLUDES: 1 Soft Box | 1 Ring light | 3 Objects for testing your lighting and reflections | 11 Rooms & Studios | 6 Ramps/Backdrops | 4 Preset Animations, which includes an intro template to quickly create your own custom intros.

Mostly everything has been setup with custom xpresso tags on most everything for easy control over colors, lighting, shadows, etc.

studio prev 80x80 Cinema 4D Scene & Light Kit COMPATIBILITY: CINEMA 4D 11 – 13. It will likely work with lower version of Cinema 4D but I can’t be certain because it hasn’t been tested on anything other than what’s listed.




Price: $10.00 (After your purchase check your email for download link.)

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