material stuff 2 00000 80x80 Cinema 4D Material Pack WHAT’S IN IT: Cinema 4D Material Pack V2 Contains 58 materials; all ready for you to use. Just drag and drop.

EASY TO USE & INSTALL: Cinema 4D Material Pack V2 is meant to be installed into your Cinema 4D library browser; from there depending on what you want to use; you can double click to open the materials or drag and drop them into your scene.

prev 5 0400 0400 80x80 Cinema 4D Material Pack COMPATIBILITY: CINEMA 4D 11 – 13. It will likely work with lower version of Cinema 4D but I can’t be certain because it hasn’t been tested on anything other than what’s listed.

RIGHTS OF USAGE: Cinema 4D Material Pack V2 is available for your use, commercial or personal; on any project.




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