Cinema 4D Scene & Light Kit
  • Description

Quickly setup your own Cinema 4D scene using our softboxes, rooms, lights, etc., or use one of our pre-made scenes and add your own objects or text for quick, high-quality lighting, reflections, and shadows. Mostly everything has been setup with custom xpresso tags on most everything for easy control over colors, lighting, shadows, etc.

PACK INCLUDES: 1 Soft Box | 1 Ring light | 3 Objects for testing your lighting and reflections | 11 Rooms & Studios | 6 Ramps/Backdrops | 4 Preset Animations, which includes an intro template to quickly create your own custom intros.

RIGHTS OF USAGE: Once the Cinema 4D Scene & Light Kit is purchased you’re allowed to use the materials for commercial or personal use. The only thing not permitted is the redistribution of my product without my consent.


double-up-studio-preview-2 double-up-studio-preview doubled-up-over-head-lights-ramp-preview no-gravity-preview ramp-studio-with-soft-box-preview ramp-studio-with-over-head-lights-preview step-in-my-office colored-room1-prev round-room-prev studio-prev-2 studio-prev