myself 2 253x300 HOME I’m Charles, the owner of D2AP: Graphics & Design. I’m currently offering custom logo graphic design, graphics design, motion graphics, and  more.  If you need anything please contact me.

I  started editing videos about 7 years ago and uploading  them to YouTube. Editing soon lead me to special effects,  which soon led to graphics  design and animation. People began to notice, and my YouTube channel grew quickly and soon I had over 3,000 subscribers.

I started getting offers to do graphics and video editing for people. People frequently wanted logos and intros and so I became quite skilled in  doing both. As demand grew I decided to build a website and further promote myself. One thing lead to the next and here I am now.

 One common question I get is, “What does D2AP mean? D2AP is the abbreviations to Daring 2 Achieve Perfection.

I will be putting up tutorials very soon.

Some of the services I offer are: Motion Graphics, e.g. intros, animations, etc. | Custom logo and graphic design, e.g. posters, logos, etc. | Video Editing, e.g. basic compositing, color correction, trimming, etc.  | Web Design, e.g. custom buttons, logos, web pages, etc.

People frequently ask what programs I use. The answer to that is quite a few and for many different reasons. Here is a list of some I use: Cinema 4D | Photoshop | After Effects | Illustrator | Vegas Pro | Boujou


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